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100% recyclable

100% recyclable

The importance of creating reusable and sustainable products is our philosophy which is why we make it our mission to manufacture our potty’s from materials which can be 100% recycled or 100% up-cycled.

Because the Anti-bacterial action in our products lasts a lifetime, there is NO REQUIREMENT for our potty’s to be discarded or thrown away.

They are manufactured from Polypropylene plastics that are 100% recyclable. Before 2019 we aim to manufacture our potty’s from recycled plastics.

Importance of Recycling

Importance of Recycling

We feel its important to share our products and its benefits to the developing worlds. We make it our aim to team up with the leading toilet and sanitation charities to develop options for our customers to donate used mi-pottys with our company contributing towards supplying new with our company matching the contribution.

With this mission, no mi-potty should end up in a landfill, pollute our lands or our oceans.

Here's what Mi Potty Users are saying.

  • Mi-potty has been a wonderful tool to our potty training journey! It's simple and easy to clean, affordable, It allows my toddler to squat in a natural position to make the 'go' easier! AND It's the world's first antimicrobial training potty!

    Alyssa Lynn , Keithley.

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