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About Us

mi-potty is a brand of products owned by the Bio Products Group Ltd.
Our company is based in Warrington, UK with operations in The Netherlands and China.

mi-potty is a new product for children starting their toilet training journey. Designed by parents with patented features, the mi-potty is the worlds first Anti-Bacterial Potty on the market.

All mi-potty products are manufactured using the best quality materials and have been tested and approved with the current ISO Standards.

mi-potty has been tried and tested by over 10 children per day 5 days a week for over 6 months with 100% positive feedback.

Life is busy and time is precious. We certainly became aware of how busy life can be and how precious every minute of the day can be with just one child but when our twins Jasmine and Harper came into the world we valued our time even more.


Potty training can be tricky at the best of times, but potty training your eldest with newborn twins, and then potty training twins 18 months later was a challenge. We found ourselves taking risks, with our own health and risks with our children’s health;

  • Leaving the potty’s to fill up with number 1s
  • A quick wipe down using baby wipes for number 2s

In a busy household, we sometimes forget the risks we take especially when they are not clearly visible. This is how our mi-potty idea was born.

Having already developed a range of Anti-bacterial products for the Refrigeration Industry, and being aware of the Sanipolymer’s potential, over the last 12 months we have tried, tested, developed and manufactured the most unique and revolutionary potty product to date.

Q - Why is the mi-potty the most unique and revolutionary potty product to date?

A - ‘Piece of mind’. Knowing they and the child benefit from a hygienically cleaner surface when potty training. In a busy modern-day household simply cleaning the mi-pottyⓇ with warm soapy water is enough.

  • Hash Boy
  • Grey Potty A
  • Kick Potty
  • Sit Potty Boy
  • Potty Play
  • Stand Potty
  • Hash Girl
  • Mipotty Hash
  • Sit Potty 2

Here's what Mi Potty Users are saying.

  • Mi-potty has been a wonderful tool to our potty training journey! It's simple and easy to clean, affordable, It allows my toddler to squat in a natural position to make the 'go' easier! AND It's the world's first antimicrobial training potty!

    Alyssa Lynn , Keithley.

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